Keynote Speakers

Juhani Ilmarinen
Alexandra Kalev
Alois Moosmüller
Renate Ortlieb
Vincent Roscigno

Podium Discussion

Cassandra Ellerbe-Dück, GER: DIVERSITY and innovative urban governance

Ari Lindeman, FIN: DIVERSITY and “wicked problems” in business

  • Pia Kaari, Kymenlaakso University
  • Satu Peltola, Kymenlaakso University
  • Lutz Becker, Karlshochschule International University


Cordula Braedel-Kühner, GER – Daniela Eberhardt, CH, Marjo Wallin, FIN: Age related leadership-presentation and discussion of a workshop concept for managers
Claire Bynner, SCO: Towards an intercultural approach to social cohesion
Helena Desivilya Syna, ISR: Reflections about intergroup conflict, social divisions and diversity in organizations
Pilar Ortega Leal, ESP: Diversity management and innovation: how companies can reach it through valodi methodology
Barbara Giovanna Bello, ITA: Diversity and intersectionality: a possible liaison
Daniela Gröschke, GER: Perceive it or forget about it – the difference between objective and subjective diversity
Ekaterina Svetlova, RUS: Complexity and Diversity in Financial Markets
Adelheid Iken, GER: (re)Th!inking cultural diversity from a students’ perspective – a narrative approach
Viktoria Jamshanova, RUS: Unterschiede in deutscher und russischer Einstellung zur Geduld
Juliane Kessler, GER: The Grundtvig Project „FOCAL – Fostering Creativity in Adult Learners with Disability Through Arts“
Francesco Marcaletti, Emma Garavaglia, ITA: Surveying the quality of ageing at work. Tools and findings to support the HR policies at organisational level
Ari Lindeman, Satu Peltola, Pia Kaari, FIN and Lutz Becker, GER: How different professionals approach wicked problems?
Petra Köppel, GER: Diversity Management in den DAX 30-Unternehmen und Fallbeispiele zu Kultur und Religion – Vielfalt als Erfolgsbasis
Javier Montiel, GER: Europe at a crossroads. Cultural diversity and multilingualism: the Spanish case
Zvika Orr, ISR: Managing cultural diversity through multiculturalism in NGOs for social change: an Israeli case study
Jona Rosenfeld, ISR: The outsider as an opportunity for addressing diversity
Anne Schreiter, GER: Cultural fuzziness between China, Germany and design
Meera Velayudhan, IND: Pluralist traditions, craft communities and development initiatives in Kachchh (Gujarat, western India)
Erzsebet Csereklye, HUN: Multicultural discourses in documentary films on migration
Clemens Werkmeister, GER: Diversity reporting in Germany – an empirical investigation of DAX-companies
Levent Yilmazok, NED: Representation of diverse identities in the eurimages-backed Turkish-initiative co-productions