Alexandra Kalev

2005 Princeton University, Sociology, Ph.D. 2005
2001 Princeton University, Sociology, M.A. 2001
1998 Tel Aviv University, Sociology, M.A. 1998 (Magna cum laude)
1995 Tel Aviv University, Sociology, B.A. 1995 (Magna cum laude)

Areas of Interest

Organizations; work and inequality; economic sociology; gender and race; law and society;

social epidemiology and occupational health.

Forthcoming Kalev, Alexandra and Yehouda Shenhav. “State, Management and the Labor Process: Moral and Administrative Incentives in the Diffusion of Managerial Models.” Administrative Science Quarterly.
2006 Kalev, Alexandra and Frank Dobbin. 2006. “Enforcement of Civil Rights Law in Private Workplaces: Compliance Reviews and Lawsuits Before and After Reagan.” Law and Social Inquiry 31(4) (December).
2006 Kelly, Erin and Alexandra Kalev. “Managing Flexible Work Arrangements in U.S. Organizations: Formalized Discretion or ‘A Right to Ask.” SocioEconomic Review 4(3) (September).
2006 Kalev, Alexandra, Frank Dobbin and Erin Kelly. “Best Practices or Best Guesses? Assessing the Efficacy of Corporate Affirmative Action and Diversity Policies.” American Sociological Review 71(4):589-617.

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